NEW: The QSL-Online team took the trouble to create a PC program to handle the DC contest log-keeping. This program does comply with our current contest rules and thus log-keeping work can be minimized. The very program can be downloaded free of charge here . We thank the QSL-Online team for their contributing and excellent work.

This HF contest has been created by Deutsche Telegrafie Club e.V. in order to promote the active use of Morse telegraphy on the amateur radio HF bands as well as to support the interest in the DARC DLD awards. The DLD awards issued by DARC with a focus on working as many as possible of the DARC's local sections which can be identified by their "DOK".

DOKs consist of a letter (indicating the region) followed by two numbers (which identify the local section of DARC). There are also so-called "special DOKs" (abbreviated "SDOK") which do not comply with the one-letter-two-figure rule, but may be issued rather freely (example: "DCW" is the special DOK of DTC's club stations); the SDOKs either are for stations representing a charactristic amateur radio activity (like "DCW" in our case of CW) or marking a special event or anniversary.

Note: In remembrance to our President Martin DL5QE (sk) who passed away recently, DTC activates the call DQ0E. Particulary during the Deutschland Contest (DC) April 21st 2014, DTC member Norbert DF6QB will keep DQ0E busy. Contacting to this station results in two multiplier points.


Deutschland Contest ( "DC" )


every Easter Monday each year
in 2014: April 21, 2014 (in 2015: April 06, 2015)


06:00 - 09:00 UTC


3520 kHz - 3560 kHz and 7010 kHz - 7035 kHz


either CQ DC or CQ TEST


all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs


Class 1: more than 25 W output
Class 2: 5 - 25 W output
Class 3: max. 5 W output (QRP)
Class 4: SWLs


RST+ QSO-no. / one's DOK
Non-members of DARC as well as foreign amateurs of course omit the DOK infomation.
Example: 559003/A06

Points to claim:

  • every QSO counts 2 points
  • every different DOK worked counts 1 multiplier point
  • every DXCC country worked counts 1 multiplier point
  • contact to DQ0E counts 2 multiplier point

Final result:

total points = sum of QSO points x sum of multiplier points
Any station worked on one of the two amateur bands may be worked on the other one again, QSO-points and multiplier points for these count like those for any QSO.
Scoring will be according to the respective classes.


Logs have to show all relevant datas of the QSOs made. In addition a cover sheet is required providing information about the class and output used as well as the call, address and signature of the participant. SWL logs have to provide both calls of a QSO and at least one full rapport being exchanged therein.


Log entries should have reached the manager before May 31 the latest.
Log entries may also be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A receipt e-mail will be sent for any e-mail log entry.
Online entries via DTC's web site at are possible via direct input at " Activities - > Deutschland Contest -> Submit contest log " also.


Frank Schmitte
Sophienstrasse 35
48145 Muenster

Final results and scorings are available by ordinary mail if a SASE / SAE+ return postage is included with the log entry. Also, if an e-mail address is given, final results and scorings will be forwarded by e-mail.